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If you like

stories with lots of thought and lots of steam;

nerdy heroes who’re all the sexier for being smart;

unexpected love that turns the heroine’s world upside down…

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The cover of the book "The Hacker's Heart," featuring a picture of a handsome dark-haired man in a black T-shirt looking at the viewer, with binary code in the background.
The cover for the book "Impossibly Yours," featuring a man and a woman kissing. His back is to the camera; he is wearing a black leather jacket. She has on a white sweater and has folded her hands in front of her. She is facing the viewer but her eyes are closed.

How could two people so different fall so hard?

Jack Weiss and Laura Williams are at home in completely different worlds. He’s a computer wizard uncomfortable in a gym; she’s a personal trainer who’s never thought of herself as smart. He’s a stony-faced introvert and she’s happiest working with clients. His family’s conservative Jewish; hers is laid-back Lutheran. He can’t stand sports (any sports) and she’s devoted to Southwestern Ohio University, her alma mater (and employer), and its Division I athletic teams. They have absolutely nothing in common…

…except for the realization that his wife and her fiancé are having an affair.

Once Laura throws away her engagement ring and starts rebuilding her life, she thinks she’s never going to see Jack again. But a chance meeting brings them together, and a friendship slowly develops, surprising them both…

…until it turns out they’ve got one other thing in common: scorching sexual chemistry.

But that’s not a good thing, is it? Between two people as different as they are, the conversation may be good and the sex even better, but love has got to be impossible…

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About Me

Josephine Skylar has worked as a teacher, a journalist, a copy editor, and even a video-store clerk (yes, she is a woman of a Certain Age), but always wanted to be a writer. (Her very first fictional efforts were about a frog and toad who were friends. This was more than a touch derivative of Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad Are Friends, but in Josie’s defense, she was six.) She has celebrated Carnival while masked in Venice, bicycled on the streets of Copenhagen, and attempted to drive a stick shift in Edinburgh, but has settled at home in the southeastern United States with a very large dog who is very annoyed to not be mid-walk right now. When not having fun making up stories, she’s learning how to crochet and lift weights, albeit not both at the same time.

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